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Difference between SDS, SDS Plus and SDS Max drills? Bridge Fasteners

At the most basic level of SDS Plus vs SDS Max, SDS Plus bits are thinner and smaller than their SDS Max counterparts. I'm going to get all crazy metric on you and lay down these stat's; the diameter of SDS Plus shanks are 10 millimeters, with the beefier SDS Max shanks at 18 millimeters. SDS Plus is lighter duty and for smaller holes when.

Difference Between SDS Plus and SDS Max Drill Bit SDS Plus Vs SDS Max SDS + Vs SDS Max

SDS Plus and SDS Max are two types of drill bit systems. SDS Plus drill bits are thinner and smaller compared to SDS Max bits and have two open grooves and two closed grooves with locking balls attached. These bits are interchangeable with SDS drill bits and come in various sizes. On the other hand, SDS Max bits are typically used for larger.

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SDS-Plus vs. SDS-Max - The SDS system has been used in Europe for a long time and has made it way over to the USA. People still question the differences bet.

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SDS Max: Heavy Duty Powerhouse. SDS Max is best for heavy drilling. The increased shank diameter of these drill bits gives them more power and stability than SDS Plus. They are made for heavy-duty drilling through concrete or masonry. SDS Max makes bit changes faster and easier, saving task time.

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The slots allow the drill bit to move forward and back during the hammering action. Developed by Bosch and Hilti back in the 1970s, the original SDS drill was a mainstay until being replaced by the updated SDS Plus. Bosch calls this Special Direct System (SDS) or Spannen durch System in German. The SDS Max offers a modified profile that makes.

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SDS Max Drill Bits. SDS Max drill bits have an 18mm shank and three open grooves with a locking segment attached. SDS Max bits are designed for deeper and more demanding drilling jobs than SDS and SDS Plus drill bits, as these are able to withstand more force and torque. Some SDS Max bits include 30mm sds drill bit and 20mm sds max drill bit.


SDS plus vs SDS max. The difference between these two is primarily based on size; SDS-Plus bits are smaller and typically used for light-duty drilling, while SDS-Max bits are larger and better suited for heavy-duty drilling. Other specialized types of SDS drill bits can be used in certain applications, such as tile or glass cutting bits.

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An SDS drill is a more capable and powerful alternative to a standard hammer or rotary drill. It can easily drill through brickwork, concrete, steel, and tougher materials. Using two different types of motion, it maximizes efficiency and allows the user to apply much more force to the materials at hand. SDS drills have an internal hammer.

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One huge difference between the two drills is the cost, as the SDS Max is almost double the price of an SDS Plus drill. Even the bits themselves are more expensive. The average cost of an SDS Plus is $250-400, while the SDS Max can go for anywhere between $400 and over $1,000. A replacement bit for the Max is around $90 while a replacement set.

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First, let's talk about size. SDS Plus drill bits have a 10mm shank, making them thinner and smaller compared to SDS Max bits, which have an 18mm shank and are thicker. This size difference directly affects their power and the size of the holes they can make. SDS Plus drill bits are suitable for smaller holes and lighter-duty work.

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Key Takeaways. SDS and SDS Plus are two types of shank systems used in hammer drilling with masonry drills. SDS Plus has a smaller shank diameter of 10mm and four grooves on the shank, while SDS has a larger shank diameter of 11mm and two grooves on the shank. SDS Plus provides better hammer drilling performance than SDS due to its improved design.


The main difference between SDS Plus and SDS Max is their shank type and tool capacity. SDS Plus tools have a smaller shank diameter of 10mm, suitable for lighter-duty applications and drilling holes up to 1 inch in diameter. On the other hand, SDS Max tools have a larger shank diameter of 18mm, designed for heavy-duty tasks and can drill.

SDS vs SDS Plus Differences and Similarities

The SDS Plus vs SDS Max hammer drills is the finest on the market. Take note of the differences. SDS max has five rails, whereas SDS plus has four. The SDS plus shank measures 10mm in diameter and ranges in length from 110mm to 1500mm. The maximum diameter of SDS is 18 millimeters, however. More stable than SDS plus, SDS max features a locking.

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The SDS Plus and SDS Max systems are designed for different levels of power and performance. The SDS Plus system is commonly used for lighter duty drilling and chiseling applications, while the SDS Max system is intended for heavier duty work. SDS Plus tools typically have a smaller shank diameter than SDS Max tools, allowing them to fit into.

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SDS Plus has 04 rails, and SDS Max has 05 rails. More than that, the SDS plus shank is 10mm, and the length is 110 mm-1500 mm. But the SDS max is 18mm. SDS Max has a locking ball rail so it is more stable than SDS Plus. There is more difference between these drills. So let's keep reading on more details.

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SDS Plus is an improvement on the original SDS system, but remains compatible with SDS bits, and is now the most commonly seen on the market. SDS Max is designed for the heaviest masonry work, and is incompatible with SDS/SDS+ bits.