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Assessing Fitness to Drive. Drivers need good vision, physical ability, and cognitive capacity to undertake the complex task of driving a motor vehicle. Driver health and fitness to drive is therefore an important factor in supporting the safety of Australians who use the roads. The national driver medical standards Assessing Fitness to Drive.

If you apply or renew your Queensland driver licence, you must notify us about any medical

If you hold a Queensland driver licence, or are applying for a Queensland driver licence, you have a legal obligation to notify the department as soon as you become aware of any permanent, or long-term medical condition that is likely to adversely affect your ability to drive safely.

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On 1st August 2022, all Queensland driver licence holders aged 75 and over must carry a current medical certificate and drive according to any conditions on the certificate. If this applies to you, you can download form F3712 from the Queensland Department of Transport.You will need to carry a current approved Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver at all times while driving.

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Traffic history checks. Traffic history checks are required for a driver authorisation. To operate a vehicle providing a public passenger service, the driver must have current driver authorisation. To obtain driver authorisation, an applicant must meet certain requirements specified in the passenger transport legislation.

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This assessment determines whether you are still fit to drive on Qld roads. Your medical certificate has nothing to do with the expiry date on your driver's licence. If you pass, a medical certificate may be granted for 12 months or, if your doctor thinks you need assessments more regularly, they may only grant a certificate valid for 3 or 6.

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This service allows a health professional to notify the Department of Transport and Main Roads (the department) when a patient currently holds, or is applying for or renewing, a driver licence, and the health professional believes the patient will: Not notify the department of their medical condition; and/or

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Currently drivers aged 75 years and older are required to carry a valid medical certifi cate every time they drive. This certifi cate is issued by a doctor who assesses and determines that you are medically fi t to drive. Your medical certifi cate will have a maximum validity of 13 months. You need to ensure your medical certifi cate.

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If required, you will need to submit the completed Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (form F3712) with your application. The doctor will retain the Private and Commercial Vehicle Health Assessment (form F3195) for their records. NOTE: If you hold a Qld driver licence, you must report any long term or permanent medical condition, or any

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If this form requires a change or is no longer in use, please notify the Forms Unit through the feedback button. *Note - Forms must be printed on white A4 size paper

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F3712 - Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver. F3712_CFD.pdf; Form number: F3712 Title: Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver Version: Nov 2022 Form size: 847 kb Document information Forms must be printed on white A4 size paper.

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Driver authorisation cannot be issued past the expiry date of a medical certificate. Everyone 75 and over must get a medical assessment each year for their driver licence. Driver authorisation holders 75 and over must submit a medical certificate issued for a commercial vehicle driver to Transport and Main Roads on an annual basis.

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by completing a copy of the medical condition notification form in the Assessing Fitness to Driver for commercial and private vehicle drivers publication. You can also send your notification about a person's medical condition by post, fax or email. Post: Department of Transport and Main Roads. Locked Bag 2000. Red Hill Rockhampton Qld 4701.

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Your completed Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (form F3712) You can present this completed form at your nearest TMR customer service centre, or you can send it via: Email: [email protected]. Mail: Department of Transport and Main Roads Locked Bag 2000 Red Hill Rockhampton Qld 4701.


This form is provided to guide your treating doctor's assessment of your medical fitness to drive. This assessment should be conducted in accordance with the national medical standards as set out in the Austroads Assessing Fitness To Drive for Commercial and Private Vehicle Drivers publication (AFTD). • When making your appointment to see.